This user manual is a step by step guide to help a student in finding various courses, videos, study material, test series and other options in the app. This will help students to understand the eCareerPoint app for better utilization of the resources and to complete the course with ease.

How to Download the app?

The app is available on Google Play Store.

1.       Go to Google Play Store

2.       Search for eCareerPoint app

3.       Download the app

4.      Signup to create the account

5.      Select the stream

a.      Engineering

b.      Medical

c.      6th to 10th – Pre-Foundation

6.       Purchase the desired course from Course Section

7.      Go to My Profile Section to access Live classes / Video Lectures as follows:

My Profile -> My Courses -> Course Name -> Video section

8.       To Download Class Notes, Exercise Sheet and DPPs

My Profile -> My Courses -> Course Name -> Con

Menus available in the app

1.   Feeds

Share, post or get important videos, questions, quiz, diagrams or any important stuff as a general feed.  

 Linked Menu – All posts

·         All Posts

·         Expert Posts

·         Mentor Posts

·         My Following


2.   Daily Dose

Daily Section to provide important, challenging or tricky questions by faculty or a daily quiz or it may be any study tip or any important information.

 As per the selected stream you will get the Daily Dose

·         Physics Quiz, Chemistry Quiz, Maths Quiz, Biology Quiz

·         Last year Q & A, Concept, Concept question

·         Study Tips, Exam pattern and other such stuff

 Linked Menu - Selected Stream

·         Engineering

·         Medical

·         6th to 10th – Pre-Foundation

·         My Exam Preference


3.   Courses

All available courses as per the selected stream are displayed here. One can see courses of other streams by selecting through My Exam Preferences

 Available menu:

  • Live Course

All live courses as per the chosen stream are displayed here. One can see all long term and short term courses.

  • Recorded

All recorded courses are available here. These are recorded video lectures packaged in various courses as per the demand of the students.  Long term & Short both the courses are available in this section.

  •  Pen Drive

All long term and short term courses are available here in pen drive. These courses are available in Mix language (Hinglish) and in only English as per the choice.

  • Test Series

You can see all available test series in this section for the chosen stream.  It may be a crash course test series or complete yearlong test series as per the case may be.

  • Study package

This section includes all available study material as per the chosen exam or stream – NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, Pre-foundation(Class 6 to 10), etc.

  • Books

This section includes all the titles published by CP Publication. These are other recommended books as per the need of the students for a particular exam.

4.   Free Stuff

Section to get some free stuff to support your preparation this may be some study material in encrypted pdf or eBooks or eDPPS.


5.   My Profile

Create your profile, collect notes, compile your own question bank, or collect your study stuff as per your need.

  1. My Wallet
  2. My Activity
  3. My Notes
  4. My Courses

For more details or any technical issue:

Call:  8824907190