Step1: Registered yourself using mobile application as mentioned above.

Step2: Download Desktop  application from Live.exe

Step3: Login using same username & password.

Step4: Start learning.

For Desktop System Requirements:

  1. Specific requirements :
  1. Windows 7 :  Minimum service pack 1 update.
  2. Windows 8 : Windows 8.1 with service pack 1 update.
  1. General requirements  :
  1. 4GB  RAM.
  2.  Minimum 100 MB hard disk space.
  3. Graphic card driver up to date.
  4. Media features and windows media player should be available.
  5. Some AMD processors are not supported.
  1. Some issues and there solution :
  1. (.) dot net error => Users needs to install required dot net framework 4.6 from the official website of Microsoft.
  2. Exception after registration => Media feature and window media player should be enabled  inside (Control Panel) -> (Program and features)-> (Turn windows features on or off). If media feature and window media player is not available then user have to install it from settings.
  3. Video not playing => Some system do not have media codec to play the content so they need to install media codec for window media player.

Technical Support (Only for Windows Desktop): Mail us your Registered contact number, registered user id to